Mocha is the mother of Ruscoe, she is an awesome wild cottontail rabbit. She has a balance diet, i.e., green vegetables, hay, oats, and native grass. She also gave me her genuine bunny trust.

Mother Mocha knew how to enjoy life… Unfortunately, she disappeared as well.  I am hoping that she is safe and happy wherever she went.

My two lucky charms, Ruscoe and Mother Mocha suddenly never came back :(.

Mother Mocha looking after her son… (Left, Ruscoe) and (Right, Mocha).

Yay! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 Ruscoe reunited with his mother, Mocha, on Thanksgiving Day 🙂 😀 It was a magical day for everyone!!!

More photos of Mocha….




Below are photos of Mother (Mocha) and Son (young Ruscoe).